Polymer Ellipse Stirrup Irons

Product Code: STIP015

Price: R3,258.50

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A unique, robust ovoid form for strength and durability. With a flexible, shape-memory arch that prevents stress points. A quick-release branch that frees the foot in the event of a fall.

A shock absorbing sole that absorbs impact and releases tension in the knees and joints. Perfectly balanced with a low centre of gravity. It all adds up to unparalleled safety, stability and comfort.

Passive safety

  • No weak point
  • Stainless steel flexible arch that complies with tensile and fatigue tests certified by an approved centre.


  • Interchangeable eyelets
  • Two types of interchangeable eyelets provided for traditional or perpendicular positioning.

Active safety

  • Flexible branch
  • The foot can be released in the event of a fall.


  • Smooth riding
  • Thanks to the shock absorbing system.


  • Several customisable areas with assorted colours.
  • Stability

To ensure the safety of the rider with a single-branch polymer stirrup, it was necessary to put a metal insert to reinforce it. Mechanics of material show that the ability to withstand stresses and strains is lower when a right angle exists (like the standard metal inserts). Unlike stirrups that use an L-shaped design for their insert, our Ellipse stirrup uses a stainless steel C-shaped insert which acts like a flexible bow making it unbreakable. In addition to its high strength, the Ellipse stirrups provide maximum support at the end of the tread, where the force is most applied. The bottom part under the tread is the bottom of the C-shape metal insert.

To distinguish the right sides the letters "R" (right) and "L" (left) are engraved on the flexible branch that must always be on the outside.

Available in:

  • Black/Black
  • Black/Royal
  • Black/Light Grey
  • Black/Dark Grey