Equipe Viktoria Dressage Saddle

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The Equipe Viktoria saddle is a revolutionary product manufactured using state of the art technical materials whilst also showcasing style and design details that the Italians are famed for.

The Viktoria Dressage Saddle was made famous by Charlotte Dujardin herself when she rode the famous Valegro.
The Viktoria saddle is manufactured with a carbon fibre tree which has many important characteristics such as flexibility, softness, non-deformability, lightness and manufacturing precision. Thanks to the advanced technology deployed and to the adaptability of carbon combined with Kevlar, its structure offers excellent versatility and personalisation. The end result is a tree that precisely follows the morphology/shape of the horse, while the deepness of the seat allows the rider to find the most natural and suitable position to achieve perfect harmony with the horses movement in any situation with no restrictions.

Flaps are proportionate and have the correct inclination to allow continuous functionality of the seat. Knee blocks are in a position to allow the leg to be elastic but stable allowing the rider to follow the movements in a secure position.
Viktoria's E-Shape panels adapt perfectly to the contact surface of the horses back through a method of body heat. They allow uniform support of the saddle and correct weight and pressure distribution on the horses back. After use the panels return to their original shape when not in use. The material used in the new Equipe saddle panels is non-toxic and non-allergenic. They are sealed and insulated making them immune to the negative aspects of heat changes such as sweat.