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Saddle Caddy

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This all in one carry and storage unit is ideal for space saving at the yard and in the car.  Putting your arm through this instead of just the saddle means, you carry your saddle & grooming kit all together.

Stack-able for easy storage. Stack 2 for longer flap saddles.  Made from UV resistant plastic which gives it a long life even when left in the sun.

Strong enough to be used as a mounting block but caution anyone using it as such that they do so at their own risk, as it is not the intended purpose, although it can be done.  Easy to clean simply wipe down with a wet cloth or spray off with the hose.

They fit most English saddles from 15" - 18", dressage to jumping and most in between.  They are great for western and trail saddles. (the stirrups just need to be folded over the seat to prevent dragging.)

Fit almost any vehicle weather in the boot, bakie or cab and fit atop existing saddle racks making it as versatile as it is colorful.